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OarRATER Price List All prices are subject to change without notice

Qty Item Price
1        OarRATER rowing watch US$30     plus postage

For some destinations you can just add the surface postage rates shown below and pay using PayPal.  With PayPal you do not have to have a PayPal account just a credit card.  It is safe and easy to use. 
We do not accept credit card payments as PayPal is easier and secure.   
Make payments to the
PayPal account  - 

Express Airmail rates are more expensive and can be 50% more than standard airmail - but available on request.  Tracking numbering is also expensive. If airmail and/or tracking is required please enquire. 

Domestic airmail USA add postal charges below;  For Western Canada add postal charges below;
US$8.00 for a single OarRATER
US$15.00 for 4 OarRATERs
US$12.00 for a single OarRATER
US$15.00 for 4 OarRATERs

For Eastern Canada add postage charges as below;

Europe & the UK add postal charges below;
 US$7.00 for a single OarRATER or single Book.
 US$12.00 for 4 OarRATERs
US$10.00 for a single OarRATER
US$17.00 for 4 OarRATERs