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Q: Why are they so low priced?
A: Costs have been cut to a minimum and no expensive promotional methods are used.  
The design also used techniques to lower production costs.
Q: Are they second hand?
A: No!  They are brand new.
Q: How do I pay for them?
A: You can pay direct using PayPal ( All you need is a credit card.  You do not have to have a PayPal account. You may have to ask us at for the postage charges.  Agents will also have methods of payment.
Q: What does "water resistant" mean?
A: The case has been made to close tolerances.  But while it is "water resistant" it is not guaranteed to be waterproof
We tested it by dropping one in a bucket of water five times - it floated - and it survived!
Q: How many presses of the button are required for an accurate display of stroke rate?
A: The stroke rate will be displayed after three presses from the start and then for every stroke thereafter.
Q: Why does it need three presses?
A: Humans are not very good at pressing the button exactly at the same point in the stroke no matter how hard they try.   Thus the displayed stroke rate will fluctuate in an unacceptable manner.  So an algorithm is used to smooth this out and it requires three presses to get it started.
Q: Does it take another three presses for the next stroke rate?
A: No, the display is updated after each successive press.  It takes an average of the last two strokes.  So continuous pressings will give a continuous stroke rate which, of course, could be changing as the stroke rate changes.
Q: Why do you have Agents?
A: We have no agents.  The agent fees are ths avoided making our price to you lower
Q: What guarantee is given with the OarRATER? 
A: There is a two year guarantee from purchase date against manufacturing defects.  This does not cover the battery.
Q: How long does the battery last?
A: Naturally this depends on usage but it should be better than two years.
Q: There is no OFF switch.  Will the battery run down?
A: There is a time-out feature which prevents battery drain when not in use.
Q: Can it be used to measure heart beats?
A: Yes, but the faster the beat the less accurate the readout - thus due entirely to the inability of the user to input accurately.  But it still gives a sufficiently accurate reading to be useful.
Q: Can I make the alarm sound lower or higher?
A: No!  It is set to one level.
Q: Why are there so many screws to undo to change the battery?
A: This is because a tight seal is required to prevent water ingress and this is achieved by using six screws.
Q: Can I engrave it?
A: Yes!  The casing was designed to be rugged and is thus 3mm thick.  So it can be engraved.
Q: Will there be another model?
A: Yes!   But it will have more features and be much more expensive.                            BACK TO HOME PAGE